Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanks for the Support

As my friends and clients know, I recently entered a national design competition that culminated at the World Market in Las Vegas. Happily, I won several awards. The most prestigous of which was a 2nd place award for Single Space Design. The real highlight of the award ceremony was that my award was announced at World Market by internationally acclaimed interior designer and author Mary Gilliat.

Mary has written nearly 40 books and has become a mentor of mine since I joined Decor & You. She is truly a remarkable woman - she hosted the first ever decorating show on television many years ago on PBS.

The submitted room design (you'll see the before and after photos) was a dining room for local residents Bev & Bob Stonecypher. They were the MOST gracious clients to work with - I can honestly say that no job has ever gone so smoothly. The decorators out there will understand that those projects are a rare treasure. On the day we completed the room the Stonecyphers and I sat down and enjoyed a bottle of wine and some great laughs. I'm pleased to say they retained me once again to work on their great room!

I also won an award for my work in progress at the Estates at New Albany - a high end apartment complex nearby. They retained me to do their clubhouse floorplan, furnishings and window treatments. I'll post those photos soon. Thanks to Andee, the property manager. She's a joy to work with and has become a fast friend.

The kind notes and congratulatory words have been sincerely appreciated - I am blessed with such great friends & family that really take an interest in seeing me succeed. Thank you.

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